Key Laboratories

The Chongqing Innovation Center of Green Manufacturing Technology was founded by Chongqing University in 2019 with the approval of the Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau. It was jointly established by more than ten universities, research institutes, and enterprises, including Chongqing Machinery and Electronics Group, CISDI Group, Southwest University, etc.

The center focuses on the urgent demands of Chongqing’s pillar industries such as equipment, automobiles, and electronic information for green development. It researches standard critical technologies for green manufacturing, such as green product development, green factory construction, green logistics, recycling and remanufacturing. The center aims at green products, electromechanical equipment, new energy vehicles, electronic appliances, etc., to research key technologies in the green manufacturing industry and promote the industrial application of green manufacturing.

Director: Prof. Huajun Cao

Deputy Director: Prof. Congbo Li;